A select group of black-type mares and tried black-type dams, paired with prominent and established sires, provide the foundation for successful breeding.
Darshana GB 2007 by Medicean out of Deva GAG 66,0 kg  
Dhaba GER 2013 by Areion out of Darshana GAG 92,0 kg  
Divya GER 2006 by Platini out of Diana's Quest GAG 72,0 kg  
Elvira GER 2016 by Le Havre out of Elora GAG 65,0 kg  
Faizeh GER 2009 by Soldier Hollow out of Flamingo Road  
Flamingo Sky USA 2003 by Silver Hawk out of Fabula Dancer  
Nagaya FR 2010 by Monsun out of Namibia  
Quantum Love GER2015 by Maxios out of Qelle Amie  
Quintessa GER 2008 by Shirocco out of Qelle Amie GAG 67,5 kg  
Saloon Sold GER 2014 by Soldier Hollow out of Saloon Rum GAG 80,0 kg  
Wakytara GER 1999 by Danehill out of Waky Na GAG 73,5 kg  
Walatah GER 2014 by Soldier Hollow out of Wakytara GAG 64,5 kg  
Wamika GER 2010 by Shirocco out of Wakytara  
Wanna Be GER 2006 by Nayef out of Wakytara GAG 82,5 kg  
Whispering Angel GER 2016 by Soldier Hollow out of Wamika GAG 90,0 kg